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How to Use Helium 10: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

Software and tools have radically transformed online business, and their use has now become an essential part of success in this environment full of competition.

Selling on the Amazon platform is an e-commerce business that requires the use of so-called “Amazon sellers software and tools” that enable the seller to manage and optimize his business more efficiently and easily.

Helium 10 software is designed by programmers who are originally professional sellers on Amazon, and based on their experience and expertise in the challenges faced by the seller in various steps and sales processes, they have developed the Helium 10 toolkit to be a comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers.

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In this article, we will explain in detail the #1 tool in the world of selling on Amazon and how it can help the seller in all steps of work and do automation operations on his behalf, in addition to providing all the data and analytics to make smarter and more accurate decisions.

What is Helium 10 Software ?

Is a software company based in Irvine, California, USA, that provides users with various e-commerce training tools and resources on Amazon and Walmart, and this company has collected all its tools in the form of a comprehensive software known as Helium 10. 

Helium 10 stands out among the rest of the tools as a very distinctive tool and is widely used by Amazon sellers around the world, with more than 2 million users and almost 15,000 new subscribers per week.

Helium 10 is a set of 30 powerful tools designed to help Amazon sellers in all steps of selling; search for profitable product opportunities, search for keywords, create and optimize product listings, launch advertising campaigns, manage inventory, etc.

It is considered one of the most accurate pieces of software for detecting real data, as it analyzes Amazon’s public API to collect data and provide users with valuable insights about the market and competitors.

So, let’s discover this software and review its features and capabilities for helping Amazon sellers.

Is Helium 10 worth it ?

Yes, Helium 10 is worth it; it offers a valuable and integrated set of tools that the seller needs on his journey.

Like any other e-commerce, the hardest step is the start, so let me share with you a part of my start selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBA

Three years ago, I relied on Helium 10 to launch my first product on this platform, and although I was a novice seller at that stage, the results were very impressive; the product performance growth rate reached 239% in the first month, knowing that I did not use all the features and tools of Helium 10 then.

With the continuous updates of this program and the integration of artificial intelligence into its tools recently, Helium 10 has become the most powerful tool available to Amazon sellers currently.

How does Helium 10 work ?

Web up is the control panel. After creating an account on Helium 10 and logging in through the browser, you will directly access this organized and easy-to-use interface. From here, Helium 10 tools can be operated.

Helium 10 dashboard tools

Chrome extension: it is downloaded either from the Google Web Store or directly from the web up for Helium 10 (Personal account), includes six very valuable tools that are used while on Amazon (while browsing the Amazon website directly from the browser) to view product data and spy on competing sellers. This extension is also used while browsing the Alibaba website to find the best products and suppliers.

Helium 10 chrome extension has gained the trust of more than 1.000.000 sellers who have downloaded it.

How to use Helium 10 ?

The best way to explain how to use Helium 10 is by mentioning the steps and aspects of selling on Amazon, with an explanation of the tool dedicated to each step:

Helium 10 Black Box

Black Box is a tool dedicated to searching for profitable product opportunities (winning products). It has a huge database of almost 2 billion products.

This tool uses advanced technologies and algorithms to analyze the data and lists of Amazon market products, which makes it the most effective and accurate tool for identifying profitable product opportunities.

It provides users with an in-depth search for profitable products based on several criteria, such as price, number of reviews, monthly revenue, average sales…This data helps sellers understand market trends and customer preferences in order to choose products with high demand and low competition.

The Black Box offers seven sections to diversify search methods and reduce guesswork and time, with the advantage of the number and variety of filters available in each section. With the huge database of this tool and a simple understanding of how to use it, a profitable product opportunity can be easily found.

Helium 10 Trendster allows you to see sales trends, which is useful for discovering profitable seasonal products, such as those sold in large numbers during events and national holidays. It is also a good idea to search for profitable products.

To determine whether a product is profitable, it is important to analyze the product market and evaluate competition by examining competitors’ data and the performance of their products, as well as knowing the volume of demand for the product.

The Helium 10 Chrome extension provides the necessary tools to see this information and make informed decisions.

By turning on the Helium 10 extension tools on the search results page on Amazon, the performance of the product can be accurately evaluated to determine its profitability and suitability for sale on the platform.

Frankly, it is impossible to describe what valuable data this extension gives users about products and competitors in order to delve into the specifics of the market and profitable opportunities.

Moreover, the helium10 extension from within the Amazon product page allows for a search for the most suitable products and suppliers, and it can also be used on the Alibaba website for the same.

Helium 10 Magnet

In order to rank products on the first page of search results, the Amazon search algorithm prioritizes product listings that include the most effective and high-performing keywords.

By incorporating these keywords into the product listing elements (title and description), sellers can optimize their product listings and improve their chances of appearing in relevant search results.

Magnet has a database of millions of keywords related to different product categories on Amazon, which ensures sellers have access to a wide range of keyword options to target in their listings. By entering one or more keywords related to your product, this tool will analyze the Amazon database and suggest thousands of keywords.

The tool also provides detailed metrics for each keyword, such as search volume and average monthly revenue… this data allows sellers to identify and choose good keywords with high search volumes and low competition.

Magnet also provides various filtering options to enable users to select criteria such as search volume range, number of words, and competitors’ ranking in order to narrow the choice of keyword range according to their product offerings and target audience.

Helium 10 Cerebro

Using the Cerebro tool, sellers can analyze competitors’ product lists and extract relevant keywords through reverse product search using ASIN codes.

Up to 10 competitor product identifiers (ASINs) can be entered for analysis. Cerebro will then extract the top-performing keywords of these ASINs and which contributes to improving the visibility of these competitors’ listings (products) in the first pages of Amazon search results.

This reverse search feature provides users with advanced and diverse data on the extracted keywords, enabling them to make informed decisions about their own keyword selection.

➡️ After using Cerebro and Magnet to get a bunch of keywords, it is likely that there are unwanted or duplicate keywords.

Frankenstein is a useful tool that can process and clean up your keyword set by removing extra letters, numbers, duplicates, etc.

Helium 10 Frankenstein

This will help narrow down the huge list of keyword phrases into something more manageable.

In both Cerebro and Magnet, you can find a button at the top right of the search results to export the keyword list to Frankenstein.

Helium 10 Misspellinator

Sometimes customers misspell words while searching for products to buy on Amazon.

The Misspellinator tool effectively finds these creatively typed “words”

Users can then take advantage of these common search spelling mistakes associated with their products by adding them to the background data of their relevant listings, increasing the chance that their product will appear in the search results when the customer makes a mistake in the search.

After using all the previous tools to obtain high-performance and conversion keywords, they can be used in:

  • Create professional, high-quality, and optimized product listing according to Amazon’s search algorithm to enhance the chances of getting a ranking within the first pages of search results.
  • Launch targeted advertising campaigns centered around these keywords to promote the product and maintain a competitive advantage in the most important keywords.
Helium 10 listing bouiller

After finding the best-performing and most relevant keywords, how can we professionally incorporate them when writing a high-quality listing?

With the recent advent of artificial intelligence, the developers of Helium 10 have had their share of this and have launched an AI-enhanced product listing creation and optimization tool (Chat GPT) to simplify this task by automating the process for you.

Through the use of relevant keywords and entering product characteristics such as target audience, brand name, etc., Listing Builder automatically generates the title, bullet points, and description of your product.

The features of this tool are endless; we list among them:

  • Create professional and attractive content (listing) centered around the brand to enhance its vision and build trust with customers.
  • Choosing a listing tone and customizing its content according to the product category and target audience.
  • Even if you are not fluent in a customer language, the tool will create your product listing items in the language you want.
  • The ability to search for relevant keywords directly from within the tool, which is a unique feature for those who do not master and do not know how to research keywords.

Scribbles is a tool released by the Helium 10 team in 2016 (the tool is still available for use), which was previously used by sellers to improve product listing.

The tool uses a color-coded system to indicate the performance of keywords. This color-coding system helps to distinguish and select the best keywords to include while writing product listing items (title, bullet points, description).

One of the features of Scribbles is that it sets the number of characters for each list item according to Amazon’s terms.

Helium 10 listing Analyzer

Analyzing and optimizing product listings is an irreplaceable process in order to maintain the quality of the listing and its performance in attracting customers and maintaining a good ranking in keywords.

Using the Helium 10 listing analyzer, sellers can analyze the items in their product listings and get a comprehensive overview of the main metrics that determine the quality of the listing. 

The tool shows you what changes may need to be made to improve by providing suggestions (for example, writing a longer title using keywords, adding points, improving image quality, etc.).

Moreover, the Helium 10 listing analyzer also provides an insight into the listings of top-ranked competitors, comparing them with your listing to identify the difference and necessary changes so that you can raise the quality of the listing and improve your visibility in search results. 

Listing Analyzer provides easy-to-read analytical drawings and numbers to help you: 

  • Evaluate the quality of the product listing on a scale of 1 to 10 to determine the level of the listing and quality points that require improvement (LQS). 
  • A comprehensive look at product performance and sales statistics compared to competitors’ products Measure product page traffic (product page views) to evaluate the effectiveness of the listing in persuading customers to choose the product and purchase it. 
  • Compare the performance of the product’s ASIN number with a set of competitors’ ASIN numbers to identify the best performance in the market. 
  • Identify a set of ASINs and measure the effectiveness of its keywords while displaying the strength of the opportunity that each keyword is likely to provide for each ASIN number.
Helium 10 Adtomic

What always worries sellers and stands as a barrier between them and the success of their products on Amazon is how to create successful advertising campaigns (PPC) with their management and optimization to ensure successful promotion of products or brands.
Sellers were using several expensive and not as efficient tools as desired for this step until Helium 10 surprised its users with the Adtomic smart tool for building and developing advertising campaigns.

Adtomic is an artificial intelligence-enhanced tool that helps sellers run smarter advertising campaigns (PPC) with easy management and professional optimization to build successful marketing strategies that achieve maximum returns with the lowest budget.

Instead of downloading ad campaign reports from the central Amazon account and spending a lot of effort and time on analysis and optimization, Adtomic will handle all these complex steps efficiently and will not have to buy other tools or hire someone else.
Adtomic is an integrated tool that provides several sections for launching advertising campaigns, creating, managing, optimizing, and even developing marketing strategies.

  • Real-time monitoring of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, enabling issues to be identified and addressed as soon as they arise.
  • Adtomic’s artificial intelligence evaluates the effectiveness and performance of keywords in generating sales and makes recommendations for adjusting bid values.
  • Provides strategic suggestions for integrating new high-conversion keywords while discovering poorly performing ones.
  • The tool has advanced algorithms that monitor changes in the two main metrics of advertising (ACoS and TACoS) in order to adjust the values of keyword bids in balance with revenue.
  • It provides ready-made templates for creating and scheduling future advertising campaigns while specifying the target audience.
Helium 10 Portals

Creating professional landing pages for Amazon products is a very effective marketing strategy that professional sellers use to gain more customers and sales.

Portals are used to create professional landing pages specifically for Amazon products, with the creation of a QR code for easy access to product pages.

This tool provides ready-made editable templates (photos, texts, and videos) to present the product or brand in a professional and attractive way. in addition to various marketing strategies to attract buyers and build an audience for the brand.

How will portals help you increase and grow sales?

  • Landing pages personalize product content and provide better descriptions compared to Amazon pages.
  • Offer incentives such as coupons, discounts, and product guarantees to entice customers.
  • Landing pages act as an external source of organic traffic to the product page on Amazon, which improves product ranking.
  • Collect customer contact information (email) and use it to promote other products through email marketing. 
Helium 10 keyword tracker

Tracking the listing ranking for keywords is essential to staying aware of how your product listing is performing compared to your direct competitors. This can help you determine whether your product listing may require additional work or not in order to get a good ranking and stay at the top of the ranking.

Keyword tracker is designed to track the product listing ranking of a group of related keywords once a day, with the possibility of tracking every hour.

The tool provides insights and up-to-date data on the changing ranking of the product listing in keywords to enable sellers to track changes and visualize how each change affects the product ranking.

Helium 10 Marcket Tracker

It is an improved version of a similar tool called “Market Tracker” in Helium 10, but the MT 360 is distinguished in terms of the type and quantity of valuable data on market trends related to various products, even for the previous two years, in order to understand the competitive landscape and take a deep look at the markets that it is possible to enter and compete in.

Market Tracker 360 helps sellers know the market trend and estimate their share in it in comparison with direct competitors across the brand, category, or product level.

You can enter up to 15 ASIN numbers, a keyword, or a combination of both to create a product-related market, and then you will get comprehensive insights and data about the market you have created and know your presence and competitiveness in it, such as the percentage of revenue, sales, and profit growth rate compared to competitors.

This tool provides dynamic charts with comprehensive visual comparisons of your products with competitors in the market to estimate your competitiveness.

Helium 10 Market Tracker 360 is a great tool for any seller who wants to grow their business on Amazon by adding new products or wants to take a comprehensive look at a product market or category to assess the competition before getting into it.

Helium 10 index checker

Amazon indexes keywords and associates them with specific products, enabling its internal search engine to display the results of the products that are most relevant to the keywords customers are searching for.

Helium 10’s index checker will check which keywords Amazon has indexed for your product(s), or you can search for keywords that have been indexed for other competing products.

Helium 10 Inventory Management

Inventory management plays a vital role in the success of the business of Amazon sellers. Effective inventory control allows for improved efficiency of operations and avoids excess costs and loss of sales due to a shortage or excess of inventory.

Helium 10 inventory management tool to monitor and control inventory levels and supervise all orders and operations from one organized dashboard.

Using this tool is like hiring an inventory management team:

  • The tool offers smart restocking suggestions by tracking product availability, placing orders with manufacturers, or arranging shipments to Amazon warehouses.
  • Simplifies the shipment setup process by providing features that help you organize and pack your products efficiently.
  • Creating purchase orders and facilitating financial transactions with suppliers.
Helium 10 Inventory Protector

The use of discounts is part of the sale on Amazon in order to win the Purchase Fund or enhance the ranking of the product in search results.

Competitors and opportunistic buyers exploit discounts by making large purchases that can drain your inventory and destroy your profits. 

Helium 10 Inventory Protector is a tool that will protect you from excessive purchases by opportunistic customers and prevent competitor sellers from adopting strategies to ”deplete your inventory to keep you out of the competition”.

  • Blocking fraudulent transactions: The tool uses advanced algorithms to identify fraudulent purchase patterns, such as bulk purchases from new or unknown accounts. 
  • Setting purchase limits for each customer: the tool allows you to set pre-order limits for your products, ensuring that no consumer makes excessive purchases. 
Helium 10 Refund Genie

Sometimes, while Amazon employees are moving and organizing inventory between warehouses or fulfilling customer orders, some product items may break.

Or, in another case, Amazon makes mistakes in collecting fees or mishandling returns.In this case, the seller has the right to demand compensation from Amazon for such losses.

The Refund Genie tool algorithm analyzes all the data in the seller’s Seller Central Account to identify and generate detailed reports about lost units and losses, making it easier for sellers to send refund requests to Amazon.

Helium 10 Alertes

After a period of booming sales, sellers can be surprised by a decline in their sales. The reason for this is that Amazon sometimes makes changes to product listings (title, photos, and description), and this negatively affects the quality of the product listing and on decision and impression of the customer to purchase the product.

This is in addition to “hijackers,” which are fraudulent sellers who include their products in your listing at lower prices to attract buyers and harvest sales.

The Alerts tool will monitor product listings around the clock, throughout the week, and send the seller a real-time notification of events and changes in the Amazon account and product listings in order to edit and take immediate action.

This tool also monitors the entry of hijackers into your list (Amazon ASIN hijacking) while providing the option for Amazon to report them for removal. 

Helium 10 Follw-Up

Reviews play a very important role in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions because they reflect the credibility of the seller and the quality of the product, and obtaining them will help the seller to be distinguished and reliable among its competitors.

In addition, positive reviews are very important to get the “best seller” feature from Amazon, which is a badge that proves the credibility of the seller and the quality of his product, with another advantage being the presentation of the product in the “recommended” category.

Helium 10 follow-up is the automation of e-mail communication with customers. It will enable the seller to create custom email templates and schedule them to be sent automatically after a specified period of time to customers to encourage them to write good reviews.

The tool also provides:

  • analyzes and reports to find out the performance and impact of e-mails on the client.
  • Seller can easily view customer inquiries and respond to them directly through the interface of the tool, which helps to provide timely and personalized customer support.C
  • ompliance with the Amazon terms of service (TOS), where the tool provides the appropriate instructions and conditions for communicating with customers in accordance with the Amazon laws.
  • Free message templates, especially those written by some sellers that have achieved good and high reviews.
Helium 10 Profits

Monitoring and supervising financial matters is what keeps the business flowing and successful on Amazon, and this requires careful analysis of financial reports and a deep understanding of the financial situation and future trends.

Profits are one of the most powerful tools offered by Helium 10. It provides users with detailed and accurate financial insights and analysis of all expenses, revenues, sales, refunds, and everything else that reflects the performance of the product and the business in general.

The Profits tool provides many features to the seller, the main ones are: 

  • Track profits accurately by examining the various costs associated with selling on Amazon, such as product costs, Amazon fees, and shipping expenses.
  • Detailed analytics of the number of product page views (traffic) within a specific time frame, along with multiple metrics, including conversion rates, to see product performance.
  • Analyze the profit margins of individual products or the entire inventory in order to find out which products are the most profitable. 

Is Helium 10 Accurate ?

Every decision made on the Amazon selling journey should be based on accurate and reliable data. So you may be wondering if Helium 10 is accurate enough to provide vendors with valid data to make informed decisions.

The fact is that all the tools and software, including Helium 10, do not provide 100% accurate data. They were designed to provide relatively accurate estimates that can be relied upon in decision-making.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a tool that provides data estimates very close to the real data, and Helium 10 is one of the tools that provides accurate and up-to-date data.

Helium 10 collects data through publicly available application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Amazon to access various data points, such as product listings, pricing, and sales ranking. It also uses web scraping techniques to extract data from Amazon’s website, such as keyword rankings and competitor information.

In addition, it uses various artificial intelligence and machine learning models to estimate the search volume and average sales data.

Since the basis of selling on Amazon is to carefully select the winning (profitable) products, Helium 10 estimates that 38.2% of product sales are completely accurate, compared to its competitor Jungle Scout, which estimates the accuracy of product sales at 29.5%. This makes Helium 10 about 10% more accurate.

Helium 10 Mobile App

Continuous monitoring of product performance and sales processes is a very necessary task for running a business on Amazon, and this requires constant connection to the Helium 10 Control Panel to track all changes throughout the day.

Helium 10 mobile app

The Helium 10 application will free the seller from the connection to the computer and keep him informed of everything that happens at work through the provision of all data and basic information.

The application is designed with many tools to make it easier to monitor your work from anywhere and gives more freedom in management.

  • Quick metrics and simple graphs allow you to view sales trends such as units sold, etc., and see all orders as soon as they are received.
  • Instant notifications about changes to product listings and fraudulent sales display all alerts in a clean and easy-to-read list.
  • Check earnings throughout the day, track the performance of advertising campaigns (PPC), and even search for relevant keywords.

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout

A direct comparison between the two software will inevitably lead to bias for one of the parties, which is a wrong comparison for us because each of them has its own characteristics and features.

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are the most used and popular tools in the world of selling on Amazon.

Helium 10 has helped a lot of people become successful and professional sellers, and Jungle Scout has also helped a lot of people succeed in this field.

But let’s talk about some criteria that will answer this question about the value of the two tools and which is best.

Data accuracy A test was conducted to verify the sales of nine products using the two softwares, with real numbers available as a reference to measure accuracy. Of the 9 results, 5 were accurate for Jungle Scout, compared to 4 of 9 for Helium 10. but, when Helium10 wins, the sales figures he reveals very closely match the actual data. In contrast, Jungle Scout’s numbers tend to be slightly off from the real numbers when he wins.
ToolsHelium 10 is consistent in being a comprehensive set of tools, as it provides valuable tools that are not found in Jungle Scout, such as Refunds, Alerts and Inventory protection. At the same time, Jungle Scout offers only such basic tools as those that help in the search for profitable products, keywords, etc.
Platforms and marcketsHelium 10 works with many e-commerce platforms outside of Amazon, such as Etsy and Walmart, providing diversity for sellers looking for new markets and platforms to grow their businesses. Jungle Scout is mainly focused on the Amazon platform.
PricingHelium 10 offers various subscription plans, which may be expensive for some sellers. However, the rich set of tools justifies the available plan prices. In addition, it provides a powerful free plan that allows you to use many tools for free. On the other hand, Jungle Scout generally offers affordable plans, which makes it accessible to a wide range of vendors, but it does not have an integrated toolkit like Helium 10.

Helium 10 Plans & Pricing

Helium 10 offers three main plans: Starter, Platinum (the most popular), and Diamond. In addition to a fantastic free plan, each plan has features based on the tool number it uses.

By activating the annual payment option and paying the full amount upfront for a full year instead of monthly payments, you will save 25% of the total amount compared to the monthly payment.

Starter: This plan is suitable for those who have just started selling on Amazon or are preparing to start. If you want to test Helium 10 tools, this plan allows you to use many of the tools with some limitations.

Starter Plan – Starting at $29/month
Product Research: Black Box 20 uses & Xray 5000 requests.
Keyword Research: Cerebro 2 uses & Search Expander 10 uses & Magnet 2 uses.
Listing Optimization: Listing Analyzer 2 uses & Listing Builder 2 Suggested Search/month & Scribbles Limited 30 day use & Frankenstein Limited 30 day use.
Operations: Alerts 2 ASINs & Inventory Management 1 Use, Limited 30 days.
Analytics: Market Tracker Up to 1 Market (Limited) & Profits Unlimited Access & Keyword Tracker 20 keywords & Keyword Tracker Boosts 2 uses.

Platinum: This plan is the best place to start if you’re serious about selling on Amazon. The price of the plan is very reasonable for new sellers looking to establish a business on Amazon or for sellers who already have a presence on Amazon but have never used Helium 10 before.

Platinum Plan – Starting at $79/month
Product reasersh: Black Box 250 uses & Xray 5,000 requests & Trendster Unlimited use
Keyword reasersh: Cerebro 250 uses & Magnet 150 uses 
Listing optimization: Listing Analyze 50 uses,20 ASINs & Listing Builder 20 Product Listings & Scribbles Unlimited use & Frankenstein Unlimited use.
Operations: Alerts 20 ASINs & Follow Up 5,000 emails /monthly & Inventory Management 40 SKUs. 
Analytics: Market Tracker Up to 3 Markets & Profits Unlimited Access & Keyword Tracker 500 keywords.

Diamond: It is the most common individual user plan, offering unlimited use of various tools with additional features. The Diamond plan includes an entirely new level of seller tools, all of which focus on Amazon marketing and business growth.

Diamond Plan – Starting at $229/month
Product Research: Black Box 250 uses & Xray 5,000 requests.
Keyword Research : Cerebro, 250 uses & Cerebro Advanced Brand Analytics 250 uses & Magnet 150 uses.
Listing Optimization: Listing Analyzer 300 Product Listings, & Scribbles Unlimited & Frankenstein Unlimited.
Operations: Alerts 200 ASINs & Follow Up 15,000 emails/monthly & Refund Genie Unlimited & Inventory Management 500 SKUs. 
Analytics: Market Tracker Up to 5 Markets & Profits Unlimited use & Keyword Tracker 2,500 Keywords.
Marketing: Adtomic Add on as seen below & MT360 includes 1 Free Market in Americas region.

Helium 10 Free Trial

Helium 10 offers a great free plan that allows using many tools and testing most of the features for free for those who want to try the program and see how it works.

To get a free trial of Helium 10, visit the official website of Helium 10.On the top right of the page, there is a button for “sign up for free.”Click the button, and then register for a Helium 10 account using your name, email, and password.

Helium 10 free trial

After that, the system will ask a few questions related to your business. Select the correct option that corresponds to the description of your business and click “Next.”

Then the system will ask you to link your Seller Central Amazon account to your Helium 10 account. You can link your Amazon account or skip by clicking “not now.”.

Immediately after that, the Helium 10 dashboard will appear for your account, and you can access Helium 10 tools for free.

There is no expiration for free demo accounts. But there are limitations to the uses of each tool. We recommend upgrading to one of the plans if you have a new or existing business

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Click on one of the two options and choose the offer you want. Follow the registration steps, and congratulations! You have saved a lot of money.

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Helium 10 Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive and integrated set of tools for various selling processes and steps.
  • Multiple subscription plans suitable for all levels of sellers, including beginners and professionals.
  • Great free plan for trying the software and using some features and tools.
  • Artificial intelligence in Gadgets saves time and effort by completing tasks.
  • Provides tutorials (videos, articles, explanations) to introduce the features of the tools and how to use them.
  • Works in most Amazon markets, eliminating the need for subscriptions to other tools and software, along with a responsive support team.
  • Distinguished by several special tools like Frankenstein, Cerebro, Magnat, etc. 8. Accurate in providing users with real data and figures about competitors’ performance and the market.

Helium 10 Learning

Helium 10 software not only provides a valuable set of tools, leaving the user wondering how to operate these tools, but also offers a section dedicated to learning and training on how to operate tools and harness their features in work tasks and stages.

This is one of the features of Helium 10, whose programmers have thought of everything to give sellers the best experience.

  • Learn how to use tools: it gives you the opportunity to learn how to use tools with Helium 10 managers and experts who explain in detail how to use each tool and its technical functions.
  • Combining successful tools and strategies: you will learn how to combine the features of the tool and apply them to successful Amazon business strategies.
  • Combining successful tools and strategies: you will learn how to combine the features of the tool and apply them to successful Amazon business strategies.
  • Successful strategies and tips: You will gain knowledge of the latest methods of selling on Amazon from professionals who have succeeded in this field. You will receive valuable tips on how to succeed in your business and grow your profits.

Helium 10 Elite

Helium 10 Elite is a program for advanced Amazon sellers who want to learn cutting-edge tactics and strategies from experts and mentors. It is an exclusive online community that offers monthly training (Starting at $399 /month), live workshops, and access to new features of Helium 10 software.

Helium 10 Elite is the ultimate growth catalyst for advanced sellers looking to scale their successes on Amazon quickly. The insights, many strategies, and tactics are designed to help forward-thinking members outrank, outpace, and outsell the competition.

In this webinar, Amazon thought-leader and Helium 10 Elite Mentor Kevin King will share never-before-revealed strategies for over an hour, such as:

  • The no.1 thing you can do to improve your CTR on Amazon in less than 12 hours.
  • How to get a 99% open rate on your next product leading to 5X response rate.
  • Which keywords could add 5-10% to your sales regardless of what you are selling.
  • A launch and marketing method very few sellers know about that can drive massive sales volume.
  • How to spy on your competition to see how many clicks their ads are getting.
  • Plus loads of more tactics and ninja hacks usually reserved for Helium 10 Elite members

If you are interested in joining Helium 10 Elite, you can register now for a webinar that will reveal some of the advanced tactics exclusive to Helium 10 Elite members.

Conclusion: Helium 10 is the premier software for Amazon sellers

In all honesty, I must admit to you that there are some Helium 10 tools that I have never used before, thinking that they are expensive and not that necessary, such as Portals and Profits, Market Tracker 360, etc.

Therefore, I took it upon myself to conduct extensive research to discover the features of these tools and learn about them in order to convey to you how, when, and why they are used.

But the truth is that I was surprised by the quality and value of these tools, how they can facilitate the tasks of the seller, and how they contribute to the development of his business.

Adtomic aims to achieve the most sales with the lowest budgets. Portals to generate traffic and increase product visibility; Market Tracker 360 to get insight into profitable and competitive markets… I am very much looking forward to trying out these tools as soon as possible.

Helium 10 is the most integrated and extensive among its analogues. As we saw in the article, it provides all the necessary features and tools for all aspects and challenges of selling on Amazon.

Finally, I probably thought that Helium 10 was one of the best tools that an Amazon seller could rely on.

But after writing this article, I really made sure that Helium 10 is the best and most suitable software for Amazon sellers.

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